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Audi Finance

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Audi nationwide has a number of different types of Audi finance available to fund for your Audi Company Car. On this site we normally quote “Audi Contract Hire” prices aimed at business users - but we are happy to quote other types of Audi financing on request (for example Audi Lease purchase or personal contract plans through our retailer based departments)

Audi Contract Hire

This is where you lease your new Audi for a fixed period of time, pay a set monthly figure which can include full servicing and maintenance (additional cost per month) then you simply hand your car back at the end of the contract hire agreement! (subject top terms and conditions)

All we need to know is your Model of Choice, maximum annual mileage you expect to do and how long you would like to have the car. We will then give you your quote outlining your initial payment which is usually 3 months advanced rentals and will show your subsequent payments after that.

Once your contract is coming to an end and subject to the terms being met, you can then simply return your Audi to us or look into a new Audi! It’s that simple! There’s no worry about future values of the car, no hassle of selling or part exchanging your Audi as long as the mileage and condition is within your terms agreed you simply hand the car back!

Audi Lease Purchase

This type of leasing finance was developed to enable VAT registered companies and businesses to enjoy tax advantages from allowing you to lease the audi car of your choice and to share in either the profit or loss on the sale of your Audi at the end of your Audi Lease Purchase contract.

The Vat reclaimed from the vehicle at purchase is passed back to the business and so results in lower monthly rentals. An anticipated future value for the Audi can be set which is paid out of the proceeds from the sale of the vehicle at the end of the lease(contract).

You/your company is responsible for the sale of the car at the end of the contract and so if its sold back to us for more than the original future value set (excluding VAT) then we will refund the difference but if sold for less you have the obligation to make up the difference.